Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's Hot Out There!!

Yesterday when I got out of work, my car said 106 degrees. As I was on my way to workout. On the schedule was a 30 minute swim with a 300 warm up with drills and 3 sets of tempo swims. The plan was to do this inside (read: temperature regulated) but the pool was closed for repairs. So I drive to my next swim option which is outside. And sits in the sun most of the day. Have you ever did a swim workout in bath water?  Makes it a little more challenging.

This swim was followed by a 30 minute easy run. Let me tell ya, when its over 100 out, no run is easy.  I have been doing some experiments, trying to see what works best for me, running in the heat. I have been worn just my sports top and shorts with sunscreen of course. The sun beating on my skin makes me feel even hotter. So the last few runs, mind you I almost always wear just the sports top and shorts, I have wore a redshirt, performance material of course. Not cotton blend. Covering up my shoulders and stomach, letting my shirt absorb the sweat versus it just evaporating keeps me nice and cool. I still am not calling the running in the heat easy, but this makes it more tolerable.

Just keep drinking water and wear sunscreen!

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