Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ironman Texas 5/18/13Race Report - part two

Anyways, made it to the end of the bike, quickly dismounted and unwrapped my watch. Bike done in 6:08.  Re racked my bike and then  ran barefoot down a very very hot side walk barefoot (I don't wear socks with my bike shoes) and quick stepped to my run bag.  Went to transition and took off my bike stuff and put on my socks and shoes. And more sunscreen. I made a quick bathroom break as my tummy was still killing me.  And ran out the tent the wrong way. Fail...

Started the run feeling crappy and thinking how am I going to do a marathon.  Well, one foot in front of the other on repeat. I ran/shuffled to each water stop. At this point at each stop, I drank two cups of perform, a cup or two of water to our on myself and ice to put down my singlet   Well I had never wore my Tri shorts running this far nor in the heat. Nor wore my Sportsbra this long.  Had some serious chaffing issues in places I can't talk about.

The run was miserable. And I was very upset with myself on e second lap thinking very negative thought.  But mostly I was miserable as I am sure I was dehydrated.  I made a couple of bathroom stops that were pointless really as none made me feel better. My tummy felt like it was going to explode. Can't say I want to run another marathon like that. But I'd be damned if I trained all of those hours to wimp out.  I didn't stop the last water stop and somehow had the adrenaline to run in up the finish line hill at a good clip. I finished in 12:58. My goal was definitely to be faster but looking at the results, I finished 31 in my age group and beat the average woman and man times. Obviously everyone else suffered as well as there were a lot of did not finish.  And Mike Riley said to me "Claudia Behring from Houston, you are an Ironman!" So my journey is over, or is it?

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