Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ironman Texas Recovery and what's next

Monday after IM TX, I went to the tattoo parlor and got the tattoo I spent many hours working on earning. I have a red m dot with black outline on my right shoulder. It recovered well and gives me great sense of pride in my accomplishment.

But in hindsight, I am not satisfied with my performance. My race predictor that did not factor in heat or humidity predicted a 11:35 finish. I was quite a bit off at 12:58. That's what 90+ degrees and 90+ humidity does to you I guess.   But these temperatures are normal for Ironman Texas. So knowing that I hate heat pretty much and was not born and raised, why did I chose this race as my Ironman debut? Well, I am cheap. :) the Woodlands is only an hour drive from my house and this required no traveling really. I also think that I would be a nervous wrech with traveling to my first ironman as I would be so so worried that I would forget something that I would wear myself out with just that. So that's why I chose the hot Texas ironman. Wish they would move the race to April! Seriously!

After the race, I took two weeks off. I would have swam but they say no swimming for two weeks with a new tattoo. So no swimming, biking or running for exactly two weeks. I did start doing more yoga, did some Pilates and strength training during those two weeks. I think part of the reason my run was bad was that I only did strength training for one day a week. And leading up to Ironman Texas, I haven't taken  many days off of doing one of three sports in over a year. So I felt that finishing an ironman earned me some time off.

Sunday I hoped on my trainer for an hour of biking in front of the tv. No gadgets, just pedaling. Then Monday, my new Tridot plan began. I did an easy swim for 30 but noticed a decline in my previous fitness when it came to breathing. Tuesday I did some speed work on my bike. I felt fine during that with slightly heavy legs. Wednesday was not good. I ran after work, it was hot and was not hitting my prescribed paces. Left my legs feeling spent. So I took Thursday off. Friday I did my 800 meter time trial and well not as fast as my previous PR but not far off. Today I did some speed work and couldn't hit my paces again. Healing looks like it will take a while.

So what's the plan for the future? I thought about doing a race at the end of this month but I am not wanting to race half a**.  So I have a lot of recovery to do in the next few weeks. I plan on doing Galveston 5150 at the end of September. I have yet to do an Olympic Tri so would like to see how I do with that distance. And then will probably do Oilman on 11/2/13. I also plan on going "easy" at the touh Mudder on 10/5/13.  Now the plan is work on getting faster!

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