Monday, June 17, 2013

A Runner's Motivation

I ran past someone the other morning and today they gave me the best compliment. They said, "I hate you. You barely were sweating and you make running look easy."

This past weekend I ran a 5k on a relay team and we won second. But I ran my slowest 5k in months. I am just wishing I could have my speed back.   Well apparently other people see me running differently than I see myself. I was thinking post 5k "why was I not faster? Is this a trend? Am I on a downward spiral?" But then, someone newer to running looked at my running like I was a rock star.  And yes, I was sweating, I live in Houston! And I was finishing up my tempo run, 800m from my apartment.

So yeah I will continue to work on my speed work and continue to try to run like a rock star.  :)

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