Saturday, November 16, 2013


Three weeks ago, I did my mega PR in the Austin 70.3. Two weeks ago, I did a half marathon in the winning women's relay. Since then I haven't did much and I am okay with that! After Ironman Texas in May, I took two weeks off. At that point, I was pretty much not sure what I would do next. The whole reason why I got into triathlons was to do do an Ironman. So I progressed slowly towards that goal in a year's time. So when it was over, the thought came about..."um so I just did an Ironman. What else should I do?" For two weeks I slept on it and for those two weeks, so many people asked me "what's next"? I swore I would never do another Ironman, maybe another half here and there but why do another one? Well, I planned another race for myself, a 5k. It was a pretty hot one on July 4th but, for it being a pretty popular race, I came out pretty good with 3rd in my age group. And then I figured, I would fully re-commit to this whole triathlon thing, get a new coach, eat better and try harder. I know, I know, I just did an Ironman, how much harder could I try? The answer is a lot. And after that I podiumed a couple times and then had a mega PR. So obviously the right decision was made. :D And I honestly can say those two weeks off were the first couple weeks I took off since starting running again in 2010. And I partially think I had these better results due to taking that break and time to refocus. So after Austin, I have done a couple recovery swims and runs and bikes. And I am not sweating it. I am paying attention to my body and am going to do some off season work. And finish wedding planning and maybe actually clean a little more often... So, this off season, it is time to work. Next up, the Woodlands Half Marathon March 1st and then New Orleans 70.3. Other than that, I have decided to give another go at this whole Ironman thing and plan on Ironman Cozumel 2014. Happy training!

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