Sunday, August 4, 2013

2013 Bridgeland Race Report

Today was my first triathlon since Ironman Texas. I am more of a trainer than a's a little cheaper this way. :)

Got up at just after 4am to get ready and had my oatmeal and coffee. Loaded up the car and arrived at the nice Bridgeland neighborhood in Cypress around 5:30am.  Walked to the transition area and started to panic.  My goggles were not in my transition bag! I went back to my car and checked out the whole car - no goggles!  I normally bring an extra set, had every other race, but didn't today. Well I was walking back to transition and the announcer mentioned that he had a nice pair of aqua sphere goggles and I knew they were mine.  Whew!

I ran into some fellow SBS girls and we chatted a bit. Then time for a light warm up jog.  My wave started 45 minutes after the first wave.  The first wave was elites and then they had the guys go first. I think it's great that the guys go first.  I am not a fast swimmer and it sucks having the guys in the later waves swim over you.  Deflating a little.

We waited on deck for about five minutes and then, after the wave in front of us went, time to hop in the water. Couldn't quite touch the bottom so I threaded water a bit. Then the count down and we were off!  And the worst thing happens.  I get boxed in by three, possibly four girls. One doing the breath stroke (mind you she was doing it pretty quick) and three on my right. It messed up my groove for a few seconds and then I had to re get into a groove. And then we approach the first and only turn to the right.  At this point, my goggles decide to leak, a lot.  There is a good bit of water getting into my left eye. But my thought is, just get through it!  Some nice volunteers help me get out of the water and off to T1. Swam the 550 meter course in just over 13 minutes. And I swam more than 550 meters. Need to work on a lot of things here. 25th in my age group.

My T1 time was okay, have to work on running out of the water. It takes me a few seconds to get into the grove.  I had my shoes on the bike already, set up with my Tri Clips and hopped on at the line, strapped the shoes down, and off I go.  And then, after making the first turn, I realize somewhere in T1, I had lost my straw for my aero bottle. And that was my only bottle/source of hydration since before the start.  So I held back a little on the bike as I did not want to end up regretting it later on the run.  I passed all but like four girls from my age group on the bike. One lady passed me, not in my age group, but I kept on her tail when she passed near the end. Just before the end, I undid the straps and slid my feet out of the shoes.  I ranked first in my age group, at 22 mph, 13 miles in just over 34 minutes. To improve, different aero bottle, and just more work/time on the bike.

My T2 time was better, could still shave off a few seconds. Need to figure out that rolling dismount.  My bike was next to the run out and off I went.  I passed the girl that passed me in the bike, and found a groove and kept with it. It was hot! Took Gatorade at the two aid stations, poured water over my head and passed a lot of people. And a lot of guys got chicked. :) I ran up on one of my JSC teammates and asked how many girls were in front of me. He said three, and I ended up passing them all.  I sprinted to the end, 5k in just over 22 minutes. First in age group on the run...and first in my age group overall!  What could I do on the run?  I guess I could push the pace even more.

Overall a good day and won a sweet trophy to add to the collection. :). Next up, Houston Tri...and more training!

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